Boat Insurance

Your boat is a major investment and commitment, in time and money. You need the best protection - at a competitive price - for your investment.

With standard and optional endorsement coverage policy , you're protected against direct accidental losses to:

  • Your boat, attached equipment, and portable accessories
  • Your boat's motor
  • Your boat trailer

Condominium Insurance

Since your condo is probably the single most important investment you have, you need the best protection at a reasonable cost. With your policy, you'll get broad coverage for your condo and personal belongings. And take advantage of special discounts, too.

You can get special protection for valuable items, electronics and more at a very low cost. You can also combine your condo and auto insurance into a package policy that can provide extra coverage at a reduced cost.

Renters Insurance

As a renter, you need to protect your personal property against theft and damage. You also need to protect yourself from any liability that you may incur. We can provide a renters policy that will cover these concerns at a low cost to you, as well as provide coverage for your valuable items and electronics.

You can combine your renters and auto insurance for big-time savings in a package policy -- see us for the details.

Personal Umbrella Liability

Accidents can happen at any time. Your neighbor could slip and fall on your pool deck, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay. Your child could hit a ball that breaks a neighbor's window or hits and injures the neighbor.

Without adequate insurance protection, accidents like these could result in a liability judgment against you, resulting in the loss of your home or other assets. Our umbrella policy provides personal liability coverage in these cases.

Our umbrella policies protect you, your spouse, and any relatives living in your household for up to $1 million or more -- over and above the liability insurance you have from other insurance policies.

Multi-Policy Discounts

By insuring your homeowners or renters or condo coverage's, your auto insurance, and your personal liability coverage all with the same company, you could qualify for additional premium discounts, and all policies can be combined on one premium notice for your convenience.

Plus, you have one helpful agent, and one renewal date.

And while we're thinking about it: don't forget your valuable items such as Jewelry, Furs, Silverware, Musical Instruments, and Coin and Stamp collections.

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