Geelan Appraisal Company

The licensed professional appraisers at Geelan Appraisal Company take pride in providing both residential and complex property appraisals in north central Iowa.

Tom Geelan has 25 years of experience providing single family residential appraisals and holds a residential property appraisers license in the State of Iowa.

Gregg Winkel is a certified general property licensed appraiser in the State of Iowa. With 20 years of experience, he is able to prepare complex property appraisals.

At Geelan Appraisal Company, our professional appraisers work hard to ensure quality appraisals for our clients. To order an appraisal, please call 515-295-2401. You may also reach Tom Geelan on his cell phone at 515-341-5403 or Gregg Winkel at 515-341-3825.

Leland Metzger has been selling and appraising farm ground for the past 25 plus years. If you are in need of a market analysis on your farm ground or acreage property, you can reach Leland at 515-341-5402.

Appraisals We Do

  • Homes
  • Duplexes
  • Single Family to 4 Unit
  • Residential Lots
  • Farm Land
  • Commercial
  • Short Farm Limited 2055/2070

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